CallPilotCRM cloud based dialer platform

CallPilot is a powerful and feature rich cloud based dialer platform. Designed by software experts, in regular contact with reference call centers, to deliver a flexible best of breed solution for call center management.

Easy Data Uploads

With CallPilot your data will be uploaded without any hassle.

  • No special column ordering required.
  • Add as many or as few data items from your customer data as you need.

Simple, no fuss, the way dialers should be.

Fast, safe, and secure.

Our super fast servers are based in our data center in Koln Germany

  • 24/7 backup power
  • 24/7 security
  • 550 Gbps data connectivity to the heart of the internet.
  • Very low down-times.

Agent Work Package Control

With our unique Work package control you are really in the driving seat.

Need more agents working in a specific area, a couple of clicks it is done.

Need agents working on another campaign, a couple of clicks it is done.

Need to switch out data without disrupting your agents a couple of clicks it is done.

Your resources in your hands, no time wasted.

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